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Ken Davies' Responses to others

  • Preterism: An Answer to Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice, The End Times Controversy, Part 1

    Critical Articles by Gary DeMar Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice have edited a new book dealing with the increasingly successful Biblical criticism of dispensational premillennialism by preterist authors.2 Even with millions of copies of Left Behind being sold and war a factor in the Mideast, many thinking Christians are finding dispensationalism to be counter to what the Bible actually teaches. LaHaye, Ice, and the other contributors to The End Times Controversy are worried that they are losing their grip on a market they've taken for granted for so many years.

  • Preterism: An Answer to Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice, The End Times Controversy, Part 2

    Critical Articles By Gary DeMar Thomas Ice does not understand why so little (he says "zero") is said about the destruction of Jerusalem in first-century documents. He wants to know why the temple's predicted destruction was not used by the early church to prove the Christian case against Judaism and vindicate Jesus as a prophet.


Here is a collection of audio recordings of the Preterist Bible study radio show, Beyond the End Times, heard worldwide over the world-wide Web. This is by no means an exhaustive list of past shows.

If you would like, you can also listen and join in the discussion live each Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time. The program is broadcast around the world over the Internet. You simply click on a link and your computer becomes a radio. We encourage you to click here to learn more.

In order to access the audio files below, you will need to download a free program that allows your computer to "stream" audio files. The following links go directly to the manufacturer of the software program so the links are safe and installation is a snap. Simply click on one of the following links:

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  • Fifth LIVE talk on "Crusade Radio" on Sept. 10, 2003
  • Forth LIVE talk on "Crusade Radio" on Sept. 03, 2003
    Ken reads an email he got where the guy asks if the second coming really did happen. Ken responds by saying "yes" and continues explaining why and how it has happened.
  • Third LIVE talk on "Crusade Radio" on August 27, 2003
    Testimonies given on how people came to the Preterist view and also a description on who Lucifer really was according to scripture.(559)732-4004 call in if you have questions this next Wednesday.
  • First LIVE talk on "Crusade Radio" on August 13, 2003 Listen to it now while waiting for next Wednesday so that you can ask questions if you have any. (559)732-4004
  • June 14, 2003
    Introduction of Acts 1.  There is only one "second coming." One caller asks, "If the 'second coming' has already happened then why are people still dying?
  • June 21, 2003
    Who are the false prophets and teachers of today?
  • August 24, 2002
    Jude 17-19. When we are reading through the scriptures we are thinking that they are speaking directly to us today, but when we are reading the scriptures we need to realize that each chapter is a letter which went out to the people back then. To make it plane and simple, we are reading somebody else's mail. A caller calls in and asks about "The Mark of the Beast."
  • August 17, 2002
    John 14 & Hebrews 9:28 on the opening discussion.  Isaiah 14 - identifying the "King of Babylon" and a talk about Islam. In this talk, Ken Davies recommends Milton Terry's book, Biblical Hermeneutics.
  • August 10, 2002
    Are you ready for "The Next Reformation"? Ken and H.L. bring a serious question to the surface. Both Ken and H.L. ask if when you die, "is Heaven to you a futurist event or a present event". What is your answer?
  • July 13, 2002
    So many futurists out there, like Tim LaHay, are willing to always say that the Preterist view is wrong but they are never willing to come forward to have a friendly debate in public or on the radio. Why is that? Could it be that we might prove them wrong and disgrace them? I ask you this, "Isn't truth better than error?".
    • Opening verses are Matthew 16:27-28
      • Q: If Jesus Returned then where is He?
      • Q: How did He return
  • June 15, 2002
    Can God Tell Time?
  • February 16, 2002
    The topic of this show is on "Where is our hope?" and Ken reads a letter from a lady who has heard of the Preterist view for the first time and that it has changed her life dramatically for the good.

In Memory of
David Chilton

These two talks are in memory of David Chilton who came to the Preterist position in his eschatology before he went to be with the Lord. You can purchase this one tape at IPA which goes by code (CT165). David Chilton was also the author of The Great Tribulation, Paradise Restored and The Days of Vengeance.

  1. The Passing of Heaven & Earth, Part 1 - (Text)
  2. The Passing of Heaven & Earth, Part 2 - (Text)

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