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Did Jesus lie? Was Jesus Wrong? Did Jesus fail?

Jesus Christ made certain statements to his disciples about his second coming, the great tribulation, judgment day and the gathering together of his people. In fact, he said all those things would happen within the generation living over 1900 years ago. (Matt: 24:32-34)

He told his disciples that some of them would live to see it happen and that they would not finish going through the cities of Israel before he had come. (Matt: 16:27-28, Matt: 10:16-23)

Jesus told the religious leaders of his day that their treatment of his apostles was one of the main reasons he was returning. He was coming back to judge them for their conduct and destroy Jerusalem and the temple. (Matt: 23:29-36, Luke 11:47-51 )

Jesus also told the disciples to "watch and pray" because the time was "at hand," that he would "come quickly," and that they should escape Jerusalem when they saw these things beginning to occur, which they eventually did. (Luke: 21:5-36)

So... Did Jesus lie? Was Jesus Wrong? Did Jesus fail?

Sadly, many people calling themselves Christians today believe that Jesus was mistaken or was being outright deceptive when he made such urgent statements. They believe and teach that none of the things he predicted, including his second coming, actually happened when they were supposed to (when Jesus himself said they would). Others attempt to make the vital words Jesus spoke, mean something other than what they are plainly saying.

This site, and the worldwide Internet radio program which sponsors it, is dedicated to a scholarly treatment of Bible prophecy and the belief that Jesus was not mistaken. This view is known as the Preterist view of Scripture. Everything you read or hear at this site, no matter how difficult you may find it to accept, will be completely backed up by the Bible.

We will not appeal to any other source other than the Bible itself, the very Word of God. We will not give you our "interpretations" or opinions.

We encourage you to openly challenge us on every detail. We encourage dialogue and scholarly debate.

We make the following statement in the most serious way possible:

"The belief that Jesus is coming in the future is NOT supported by the Bible and those who believe it believe a lie."

We openly welcome attempts to prove the above statement false. We always do it in as public a forum as possible (i.e. public, interactive radio, email dialogue, public debate, etc.). We hide nothing. We only insist that all attempts to prove the above statement false be done using solely the Bible for support. God's word alone will be the final court of arbitration. We will not accept any pastor or church creed that goes against God's Inspired and Holy Word.

In the end, you will be left with a very simple choice, either to accept what the Bible actually says, or to believe that Jesus will come in the future, a belief that actually makes Jesus out to be a liar, a fraud, and a failure. Remember, if Jesus was either mistaken or deceptive when he made those urgent and concrete statements about his "soon," "at-hand," "quick" coming, he cannot be who he claimed to be.

Wouldn't you like to finally know for sure what the Bible actually says? Wouldn't you like to finally have answers that are powerfully simple and backed up completely from the Bible? Wouldn't you like to be able to share the Gospel and be confident answering the "difficult" questions? Dear friend, we thank God that Jesus didn't lie, he wasn't wrong, and he didn't fail. His coming occurred at the exact time, and in the exact manner he predicted.

Click here now and get started on your journey to really getting a tight grasp on what the Bible actually says about prophetic events. We promise you won't be able to refute what you learn, and that is very good news for anyone who wants to be able to say they truly have the truth. May God bless your study.

Ken Davies
Host of Beyond the End Times


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